Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's Be Honest

Once again I found that I took a longer time between posts than planned. But here goes. Right now at the church were I pastor we are doing a sermon series called untouchable topics. We are looking at four issues that are often left out of the church and many peoples life. This week we were looking at racism, over the next few weeks we will be looking at politics, homosexuality, and greed. When these tropics are discussed in many places they are discussed from a purely emotional place. But what would happen if we, Christ Followers, began to have the discussion in a way that glorified God, remained true to our scriptures, and left room for God to be judge not us fallen human beings. Would the discussion be different? I think whether we identify ourselves with labels such as liberal, conservative, evangelical or progressive many of our discussions get put in theological terms, when in reality they are about our personal preferences and bias. It is time that we had honest, biblically sound, discussion around these and many challenging issues in the life of grace. Not providing of answers, or proving of our points, but honest dialogue. Anyone interested?