Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time to End Religion

It might seem odd for a pastor to call for an end to religion, but that is exactly what I am doing. The religion of Christianity is doing great harm to the movement of following Jesus Christ. So I ask all those who are more concerned with do's and don'ts, and are more concerned with doctrine and policy than people, to please put down the religion. Our world does not need another religion claiming to have the truth. What the world needs is people who radically live out the call of Jesus Christ in their lives. The world needs people who are going to ask questions, have doubts, be unsure of the course before us. Religion has held the beautiful Body of Christ hostage long enough, and it is time to set the body free. I realize that those who have an interest in religion are not going to willingly give up that which they hold dear. Therefore, I think the transformation happens when people begin to live lives differently. When people begin to live lives that reflect Jesus Christ, not the religion that claims the name of Christ. Basically it starts with people deciding to live differently, and inviting others on the journey of a lifetime. In the end religion is empty and will lead to death, radically following Jesus will lead to life, and ultimately to transformed living. Let's put the religion down and start walking with Christ.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who is Disqualified?

I am just back from Africa, and logic might tell you that this entry would be about my time there, but I am often on the other side of logic. Today I am thinking more about the people that we as Christians disqualify from having worth. Churches are built both buildings and people, to reach people and this is good. he tragedy is these churches often are only looking to have people like us there. The "Boomer" thought of churches endorses such thinking. I argue that the Jesus way of thinking challenges this line of thought in some significant ways. As Christians we are called to build relationships with all people, especially those who are not just like us. The church is not to be a place where people look the same, talk the same and think the same. I guess it comes down to the words that many attribute to John Wesley, actually it is Augustine, in the essentials unity, in the doubtful things liberty, but in all things love. The only essential is Jesus, and what his life, death and resurrection opens for each person on the face of the planet. Everything else is a opportunity for growth and discussion along the journey of faith. There are far less absolutes than I once thought there to be, but there is still Jesus, and a call for people to radically live like Jesus calls us to live.