Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Best Teacher

It is said that experience is the best teacher, in some regards this is true, but by another it is not true. Think about the best teacher you ever interacted with. One of the reasons you learned from that person was because you choose to learn. Experience can only be the best teacher if we choose to let it be our teacher. We need to take each opportunity to allow God to teach us through what we are experiencing.

By the way, who was the best teacher you ever had?


Anonymous said...

The best teacher I ever had was my father. He was patient with me and let me make a lot of my own mistakes but was always there to help me through the mistakes I made. We would often spend time in the woods sitting on a hillside during deer season and talk about life. It was always the piece I looked most forward to in the deer hunting world and I am so thankful that he was there to let me fall on my face and help me back on my feet in many of life's situations.

Heidi said...

I guess the best teacher I ever had was Mr Derby for math in seventh grade. I hate math, always have. But I did good in his class. He was fun, he related to us junior high kids, he was cute:).
And in religious training, I would have to say Reverend Erwin Steckholtz. At the time I just thought he was a great guy, but in retrospect, so much of what he taught stayed with me, including VBS songs, Scripture stories and a love and a joy for Jesus.

Elizabeth said...

My best teacher was Dr. Traci West at Drew, ethics. She was always concerned that we tied what we read and studied with real life, practical thinking, actual applying what we learn to concrete stuff in life. Not always a focus in seminary, eh?