Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lost His Way?

I am finding great trouble with labels lately. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I do not fit into a nice neat category anymore. At one point in my journey, I not only fit labels, I felt those labels were rather important. The need to know who was conservative, or who was liberal was of extreme importance to me. Terms like evangelical and progressive carried much wait in my life. Now, not so much.

What has been amazing in this transition and transformation is how others have reacted. Some have been shocked and engaged in conversation. Others have been shocked and figured I had lost my way. Still others are working to try and fit me into a new box, so a new label can be applied. The problem is, labels do not apply, and they are a great waste of time, energy, effort and resource. What matters most is not our political, religious or social affiliation, what matters most is the transformation of the world for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Many of the thought patterns and conclusions I am coming to have been hard for me to journey with. Often I am compelled to rework not just one component of my journey, but every aspect is impacted. Life was easier when I could use clear and detailed labels for myself and others. When I could simply use the "company" lines for theology and life, life was greatly simplified. However, I was missing out on the richness that is a transforming relationship with God. Before, I thought it possible to define God with great certainty. Now, I realize how great my inability to define God is.

Yes, to some I have seen the light, to others I have lost my way. I say they are both right. I have begun to see things on this journey differently, and thank God I have lost my way. Now I can start working on living Jesus' way and not Aaron's.

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Heidi said...

Good for you! Keep seeking first the kingdom of God. Jesus had many naysayers around Him also.