Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anticipation of Holy Week

If you are a regular reader of this blog you have been able to clearly see I am not exactly a mainstream, traditional church kind of guy. Still this season of life in the church is my favorite. I cannot tell you when Christ the King Sunday is, or when Epiphany is going to be, heck I am doing well if I remember Christmas Eve when it comes around. Aye, but Easter, the Holy week, to me the rest of the journey does not really matter if we short circuit Holy Week.

I am not referring to the pageantry, I am not referring to the the cycle of worship gatherings. I am talking about what stands behind all these events. Maundy or Holy Thursday, the Last earthly meal of Jesus. The inauguration of Holy Communion as a time of presence and remembrance of Jesus Christ. Good Friday, good for us not so good for Jesus. The day when the perfect sacrifice is made once and for all. The culmination of the earthly ministry of Jesus, but not the end of the story. Then Holy Saturday, the day of emptiness. The day when Jesus is dead, and in the tomb. The day when the disciples are lost and afraid. Giving way to Resurrection morning. The day Jesus was proved to be who he said he was. The tomb could not hold him, the grave was flung wide open. In that moment not only did Jesus receive new life, we too were given new life.

As we move toward this Holy time, I invite you to move beyond religious observances. I invite you all to take time and really seek after what God was doing through Jesus. Seek after what God is doing right now.

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