Tuesday, April 10, 2007

By Judgment or love?

Once again I found myself reading yet another book, this time it was, "No Perfect People Allowed" by John Burke. Throughout the book he addresses the issues as to why people are turned off by the church. At the heart of the issue this key idea, do the people around you know more about what you stand against, than what you actually live for? I know in my own life I have been very proficient at determining what thinks I have thought to be wrong, or the things that the church should make a stand against. This in itself is not a bad thing. I think that people should have a sense of what they think is right and wrong, and that the body of Christ should have standards of conduct. However, these issues should not be how we are known. Taking a good look at Jesus shows that he spent more time showing what he believed, by how he lived his life. Jesus did not go around organizing protests, or yelling at the top of his lungs about all the things that society was doing wrong, he simply called people to a life based on the love of God, ultimately seen at Calvary. I am left to wonder if people know who I am and what I believe based on the judgemental attitude I too often carry, or do people know who I am by the moments where I actually live out the life God calls me to through Jesus Christ. Additionally, I am left to wonder how I can remain faithful to the truths and standards of God, while accepting people where they are and for who they are, without judgement. Jesus did not agree with all the lifestyles of the people he interacted with, yet I think that people walked away from an interaction with Jesus being overwhelmed by love, acceptance and grace. It is almost unbelievable that Jesus would ascribe value to everyone equally, enough to sacrifice his life out of love.


Bill said...

Hey Aaron,

Just a quick thought. It seems many of us fall down by reversing a simple verse from scripture. we are asked, I believe to "seek justice and love mercy". Many of us seek mercy for our selves but seem to love justice for everyone else. Not christlike at all.

It has to be about love.


Anonymous said...

The love of Jesus really is like nothing else. How is it possible that He would die for our sins only to get second rate love from us. That has to be some intense love.