Monday, April 23, 2007

Truths We Build

I was just sitting in a local Wegmans having lunch when I over heard two people having a great conversation about the Bible and relationships with God. I couldn't help but encourage their conversation and seeking. After a brief conversation, thank you to the two of you if you are reading, I drove the 30 minutes back to my home. During that drive I was reviewing the ways in which we as human beings add to the requirements to follow after God through Jesus Christ. Often we fall into the trap of building a system of rules, regulations and rights, instead of building a relationship with our creator and redeemer. As we shy away from relationship toward rules and regulations we think that we can reach a point where we have it all figured out. How tragic is it when we think we have it all figured out? I think the most liberating thing for me as a pastor is that I don't have to know everything, none of us do, and it is a good thing because we will never know everything. When we claim that we know something absolutely we are on some dangerous ground, all people are in process and on a journey. I wish that the church and fellow Christ followers would stop putting barriers in front of people seeking after God. To wrap us this entry I want to close with this. There are only a few things that I can say with certainty when it comes to God. God is the creator of all people and all of creation. Jesus is the only way to a full relationship with the God of creation. And the Holy Spirit continues to develop the people of God, through the church. Finally that we should fashion our lives after the life of Jesus. Everything else is food for great, important and necessary conversation.