Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

Here it is Christmas morning and I am sitting at my computer. It was a blessed night here at the church and God is blooming in glorious ways. I want to take this time to say thank you to all the people who mean so much to me. I know that is more of a thanksgiving thing, but each of you give me the present of reminding me of His presence. Before all, to Sarah my wife. You put up with a crazy schedule and a husband that cannot stop dreaming of what could be. The long hours at church, in meetings, teaching, and just plain not being home. I love you and could not be in ministry without you. To my girls, Rachel, Leah and Hannah. I see the face of God in you every time I look at you. You are so precious to daddy, and I love you. To my mom, who has been and is patient with me every step of the way. To my brother, I am proud to have a brother like you. To my extended family, thank you for all the ways you support Sarah and I. To Bill, BJ, and Alan this has been an incredible ride, and I think it is just beginning. You three have helped me more than words can say. I am not sure I would still be in ministry today if it were not for the three of you. You are not as important as my wife and kids but it is close. Thanks and I love you guys.

Yo all my you be blessed this Christmas, and hey take time to tell those you love that you love them. Take time to embrace the Christ, and those who make life worth living.


Alan said...

That is what brothers are for. Thank you right back at you.

Dr. B.J. Norrix said...

Brother Aaron:
for a young guy you are pretty cool. Ditto what Alan said.
love ya,

Betsy, Marshawn and Noah said...

aaron..i can say the same thing to you. you were a great help the summer we worked together..and i learned much from you. thanks for being radical enough to accept christ's invitation to serve...i know your ministry is blessing many others...and not just in cortland!