Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Invitation

After months of revisions and prayer it is finally time to share with all an invitation. I am a part of the United Methodist Church in the North Central New York Annual Conference. For many years the people called Methodist have been experiencing decline in significant numbers. We have reached the point where we must change, or recapture the way of Christ taught to us through the ages and through the life, works and teachings of John Wesley. God has laid it upon the hearts of four of us to invite people to a radical Christianity. Radical meaning to return to the roots. Please read the linked document . After taking some time to read through the invitation please join us in January, and before then on the Official blog of A Radical Call To Christianity . We are inciting all, United Methodist or not, to join in the revolution to return to the roots of Christianity, and be the people of God called the church.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Aaron - my uncle was sharing with me about this document, so I'm glad to see it's being posted. Unfortunately with google docs, I think you have to be invited via email to view a doc - at least I can't get the link to work. You may have to change some settings? At any rate, could you maybe send me an invite? I'd love to read it.

Wesley Sanders said...

For google docs, if you select publish while viewing the document it becomes publicly viewable; it might generate a new URL, though,