Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This Is So Not About You

I have been reading a book lately called, "A Beautiful Fight" by Gary Thomas. He talked about getting nervous before speaking, and hearing God say, "this is so not about you". I think we would all do well to hear these words in all that we do. Our lives are filled with many roles that we play and we want to be successful at all of them. This drive for success may cause us to think that our work is about what we can accomplish, or making ourselves look great. Then there is the reminder, this is so not about you. God has uniquely designed and created every person to be jut who they are, but that does not mean that we can do what ever we want to. Each of us has a responsibility to our creator. That responsibility is to remember who gives us our uniqueness, to remember who it is that did the creating, who it is that designs us. We are never to lose sight of our uniqueness, yet we are to always hold fast to the fact that our uniqueness is a gift given to us for the glory of God, not the development of an individual. The celebration of our uniqueness ends when it hurts the community of God, the church, or replaces God as the lead in our life. This thing called life, is so not about us.

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