Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Christ's Remebering Problem

Anyone who has purposed to follow after Christ has had to deal with the issue of recurring sin. You know that sin that just won't seem to go away, Paul talked about it as the thorn in his flesh. We find ourselves coming before Christ and muttering, "I am here again." The response we get from Christ is simply amazing, it is something to the effect, I am not glad about what you have done, but I am glad that you are here. Again Paul gives an insight here when we are reminded that we are not to sin so that grace could abound, but I think it gives great pleasure to Christ when we run to him. There are so many other places we could, and probably have turned, yet we run to Christ.

Then when we explain to Christ that we have done it again, another amazing response. Something like this, "Again I am not glad about what you did, but I am glad you are here. Also I do not remember this last time you keep talking about." It is not that Christ simply forgets our sins, he simply chooses to not hold them against us. Once we confess, and repent, Christ remembers our sin no more. And Thank God there is not a cosmic tally sheet making a tick every time we sin on route to 490.

The point of faith is to be on a journey that leads us closer to the heart of God. Along the way we will stumble and we will fall. The key is what happens after we stumble or fall. We remember all the other times, but Christ chooses to not remember. Do we run to some other destructive habit, or do we run to Christ?

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