Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Did Anyone Notice This?

I have a very close friend who often says that the current chapter of scriptures he is reading is his favorite. For me the book of Joshua is one of my top 66 favorite books of scripture, more specific it is in my top five. I love the story of the young leader who picks up on the work of those who have gone before. I love the admonishment to be strong and courageous. This morning a new point jumped off the page at me. When Joshua sends the spies in chapter 2 they enter Jericho. Once in Jericho they stay with Rahab. No big deal right, except a small detail, Rahab is a prostitute. Of all the people, of all the houses in all of Jericho they would end up in the home of a prostitute. What's more is that my previous readings , and they are many, of this passage I have never really seen that as a big deal. In fact it seems as though the writer of Joshua sees it as no big deal. Perhaps Elliot Spitzer would have been just fine in that day.

I continue to be amazed that God repeatedly uses those who we might disqualify as a tool to advancing the Kingdom of God. Moses, a murderer; Rahab, a prostitute; David, an adulterer and murderer; Nebuchadnezzar, a foreign king; Mary Magdalene, another prostitute; the first disciples, a bunch of fishermen and common laborers; Paul, a church destroying Pharisee transformed. You get the picture. There is a great danger in our journey through the scriptures, that we would lose sight of some the scandalous people and things God has done throughout history to further His Kingdom.

We may or may not match any of the descriptions of the people highlighted in our scriptures whom God uses to further the Kingdom. One thing is for sure, no matter who we are God can, will and desires to use us for the good of the Kingdom. Have you noticed that it is not by human selection, rather by divine? Have you noticed it is not by theological label, but through Christ we are all called? Have you noticed how many walls of division we put up. Now I think there are Biblical standards which we need to keep in front of us. At the same time we should allow God to be God, and us to be the people of God.

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