Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Never Be The Same Again

This week I am working on a sermon which started brewing about two weeks ago. The sermon is titled Jesus as an Accessory. I am wrestling with the ways in which we use Jesus as an add on to our live. Sure on Sunday morning we put our Jesus on and go to church with all the other people who put Jesus on. It is possible that we even wear a little of our Jesus in our day-to-day life. You know just enough Jesus to be recognized, but not enough to really make a difference.

I am continually amazed at how little difference Jesus makes in most of our daily lives. As I read through the Scriptures I find people who encounter God/Jesus, are never the same. The face-to-face encounter forever transforms an individual, and communities to function completely different. This is not just the blind who see again, or the lame who walk again. This is the rich young ruler, this is Samuel, this is Jacob. From his encounter with God, Jacob went away with a limp and a new name, Israel.

When people outside of the church look at the church what repels most is the fact that there is so little of Jesus in the lives of those who call on His name, and sing songs to Him. We must stop using Jesus like a necklace or a watch. Rather we must fashion our lives in such a way that we are never the same again.

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