Monday, November 24, 2008

Vision is a funny thing. All too often it has nothing to do with one's ability to see. I wear glasses so I can see words more clearly, and so I can function without bumping into things. My glasses improve my ability to see, but often my vision is still blurry. No I do not need to go to the eye doctor for a new prescription. What I need to do is spend more time before God to be reminded of the vision. For me vision is about the preferred future God is calling us to. It is the place where God longs to meet us in the future. The challenge is I often get distracted from the vision.

When I arrives at Cortland, I sought after God. I wrestled with God until He gave me a vision for this place. The wrestling took the better part of a two weeks. I limped away sore and not sure if it was worth it, as the vision was large and so much greater than I have ability to accomplish. Then the quite voice reminded me that is the way it is suppose to be. So what was this vision. I could see a church which was leading the way in the community, state, country and world, both inside and outside the church, to be on mission. God intends to use this church to change the world for the people of Cortland, New York, the USA and the ends of the earth. I saw a vision of a church which was large, not for the sake of numbers but for the sake of impact. I saw a church which others were coming to so they could learn and join the mission of God in the world. I saw a place where God was using us to be innovators and risk takers for the sake of the Kingdom.

As you can see nothing about that was status quo, in fact status quo is the enemy of this vision, or any vision for that matter. It is my responsibility to lead the church toward this vision. I forget that from time to time, and crave after status quo. Thank God, my wiring is such that I cannot settle. Forward.

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