Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Brand New Day

The New Year is here and so are new ventures. I have just finished the first entry on the Cortland UMC Scripture Journey Blog. I hope you all will stop by and enjoy.

As I greet the new year, I am feeling an even stronger call and demand from God on my life to lead a church in non-conventional ways. There is significant need to push the limits as far as possible, and call people, myself included, to radical discipleship in Jesus Christ. This will mean some very difficult things in the coming year. I know there will be some very difficult days, and there will be resistance from people who want to leave the church are it has always been. Additionally I know there could be ramifications from the higher ups of the UMC, but I am prepared for that as well.

So what will this look like? To be honest, I am not real sure. I do know this. I will need to draw closer to God than I have ever been. I know that it will mean challenging peoples comfort like never before. I know it will involve conflict like never before. However, I do not think I can do anything less. Why do all of this? For one reason and one reason alone, to see the reality of a missional church right here in Cortland that will change the city, state, country and world.

Stay tuned for what this will look like, and if so inclined, I invite you to pray with and for me as the year ramps up.

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4EVRNLUV said...

Aaron, I am so excited to hear your heart. I know why God has sent me back to 222 and am ready to pray and stand with you and this new beginning.

We need a fresh start.