Thursday, January 29, 2009

They Don't Know Yet

This morning I pushed through the ice and snow of Cortland to make my way to Syracuse. Once there I boarded a plane headed for Atlanta Georgia. As we taxied to the runway I began to pray for the trip, and then for the people in Syracuse I knew. This broke into prayers for the people on the plane with me, and for all those represented by the buildings out my window. This however is not about the prayer time I had this morning, it is about what God revealed to me.

Before the flight was even 15 minutes old we were breaking through the clouds and the promise of sunrise colored the eastern sky. As we flew the clouds below began to break up and I could see towns, cities and places where people were calling home. In one glance I could see the homes with lights all aglow, and the impending in breaking of the sun. Then it happened. It hit me, the people in those places below didn't know what was happening above. While those on the ground waited for the dawn, it had already broke, they just didn't know it.

I wonder how often the dawn had broken in people's lives and they do not even know it. I wonder how many times it has been my job to tell them, and I have allowed them to live in silent anticipation of what has already happened. For those who follow Christ, the greatest thing we can do is tell people waiting for dawn that is is here.

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