Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Bright Spot

One of our family rituals is some TV watching as we end the night all together. The airwaves have been filled with all forms of holiday greetings. Very few reverting to the classic Merry Christmas. Either I am being worn down, or it really isn't that important, but this year I have not been as troubled by the message. From Macy's thank you for Santa, to Santa being used to sell beer, which was removed, commercial Christmas is alive and well.

Last night as we flipped through the channels, I saw that the Charlie Brown Christmas special was on. My girls love the Charlie Brown specials. Before I knew it, right there on primetime, commercial Christmas was being attacked by a dead cartoonist. I had forgotten the whole drive and point to the Charlie Brown special was to remind us the real importance of Christmas. The assault on Christmas began long ago, but there are still some bright spots. As the program ended, before my eyes and ears was the classic song of faith about the day Christ the savior was born.

It is easy to dismiss the media as ungodly. Even easier to throw stones at the networks for leaning to secular humanism, or out and out pluralistic relativism. God is bigger. As Christ was finishing his earthly journey, he told the religious leaders that if people did not declare the praise of God, the rocks would do it. The message of Christ will get to the people, even if humanity does not think it to be politically correct. Go Charlie Brown.


Heidi said...

The last few years I have been bothered by how arrogant christians have been in the Merry Christmas vs Happy Holiday greetings thing. Christmas is not the only holiday in yMerry Christmas is one wants but lets not force everyone else to.

Aaron said...

I agree to some degree with you Heidi. However, I get disturbed at the limiting of saying Merry Christmas. Additionally I get concerned about the lose of any holiday for the sake of consumerism, not matter what the tradition, creed or background.