Thursday, December 18, 2008

Honoring Sarah

Today I am taking a break from the usual interplay and complaining. I want to take a few moments and celebrate the most important relationship I have with a person here on earth. My wife celebrates her birthday today, and on this day there are a few things which need to be made real clear.

First, I cannot do this ministry thing without her, and I don't ever want to. God has placed the two of us together as a team for the Kingdom of God. She is my softer edge, my compassion reminder.

Second, she provided unending support for me, and the work God has called me to. The schedule I keep gets out of hand from time to time, and that means an extra load for her with the kids and the household. While not easy, she does this with grace and love making possible the things I do.

Third, I honor her level of sacrifice. There are many things she does without for the sake of the kingdom of God. She is an amazingly talented women who could have a more impressive career than me, but has made the choice to work as a full-time mom. She has to watch others live the lives with more of the stuff of this world while she figures out how to get by. She flexes to meet everyone's schedule and demands at cost to her own.

Finally, I celebrate the love we share. Even when I am a blockhead, and that is more often than I like, she continues to love me.

I cannot put into words all I need when it comes to celebrating my wife, but these are a few to get started. I pray she has a blessed and wonderful birthday.

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