Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Mountain Top

Though I do not do this as often as I once did, I love to climb mountains. There is just something about the struggle of the climb, rewarded by the view from the top. Like many who have gone before me, I seem to communicate with God more clearly at the top of the mountain. It might be due to the fact I am out of breath and cannot speak, but I hear from God on the top of the mountain. One big problem, I cannot live on the top of the mountain. The same thing happens in our spiritual journey. We love those mountain top experiences. Those times when we are so sure of God's presence and direction we can almost taste it. The times in our lives when we are convinced and convicted by the Holy Spirit of what life is all about. We cannot live in that place forever. We were never intended to.

The measure of our faith is not found at the mountain top. It is found in what we do in the valley. How do we live the day-to-day? In fact the day-to-day is what we are called to by God, not the top of the mountain. We must visit those places from time to time where our spirit sings in tune with the Spirit of God. However, our work as Followers of Christ is to be done in the valley. We are sent from the top of the mountain into the valley. At the very end of the book of Matthew we find the great commission. Note where the commission takes place, on the mountain top. Note the command, go!

I love the mountain top. But for the mountain top I was not created, I was created to go into the valley, and live and life of transformation, showing others the path of transformation through Jesus Christ, right to the heart of God.

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