Thursday, May 28, 2009

And Their Off

Once again I find myself in the midst of the Annual Conference gathering of the United Methodist Church in North Central New York. I have been engaged in the gatherings and activities for two days now, and have been observing some really interesting things.

This year we have a new leader, Bishop Marcus Matthews. With new leadership it have been fascinating to watch people jockey for position. The political machine is in full swing as people try to impress the new Bishop and show him that they are important. It is with a no small amount of pleasure I watch this happen. At the same time I am deeply disturbed.

I wonder what would happen for the Kingdom of God if the same amount of energy was spend on embodying the mission of God. So much of what happens is not a part of living into the Kingdom of God. My greatest hope is there would be an inbreaking of the Holy Spirit. That God would begin the work of transformation right here in this place.

It is time to repent of the past, celebrate God's grace through Jesus Christ, and live the mission to which we are called. No longer can we jockey for position, rather we need to run the race not against each other. No we should run the race for the glory of God, not me.

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amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!