Saturday, May 23, 2009

Time Once Again

I am amazed how we as human beings tend to settle into patterns. No matter what the process of living is, we settle into a predictable pattern of existence. This creates challenges when it happens in our lives, it is downright tragic when it happens in the church. Even if the nature of the local body is to change and adapt, a complacent pattern can set in. It is almost like there is a grand metronome which pulls everything into a rhythmic pattern. As I read about Jesus and develop my relationship with Jesus, I see our lives as a life lived in what might seem like disjointed movements.

Right now in life and in the mission of the church, I feel like we have settled into one of the predictable patterns. The ebb and flow of the week has come to the point where one could set their watch by it. The predictability of church life is bordering on sickening. It is time once again for a great shake up. The time has come to get the sledgehammer out and smash the metronome. To be honest I am not sure what this is going to look like, but the time has come.

I have read much and written a little about being a different kind of church. In some ways here at Cortland UMC we are different than some, but the work is not done. The time has come to heighten the risk and push further. I fear the church of Jesus Christ is becoming complacent. I fear that I as a leader in the church am becoming complacent. It is time once again to shake everything.