Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Breaking With The Past

I am always amazed at the ways our past seems to hold us hostage. Whether it was someting done to us, or someting we did to ourselves, the events of our past seem to take hold of our lives and be very unwilling to let go. Usually what it takes is an agressive and radical move on our parts. In Acts 19, Paul delivers a message that convicts the hearts of the people. These were people who had spent their entire life practicing magic, and other dark arts. They make a radical break with the past, they burn their speelbooks and anything linking them to the past.

Now I am not advocating for burning books, and I am not advocating for burning all the things that our past holds. I am not endorsing that we should simply walk away from a relationship that is difficult or negative. Now if you are in a relationship that is abusive physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually, that is a different story. What we are called to do is live a new life centered in Christ.

This new life is one where the things of our past are just that... past. Those things have shaped the way we interact with people and the world. Our past colors the way we think and respond. However, the work of Christ in our lives seeks not just to change that, but to transform us for the glory of God.

I wonder, is it time to ask God to transform your past, instead of letting it hold you?

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