Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Cloud of God

I have always been facinated with the idea of the Tabernacle. Some of that comes from the deeply rooted feeling that too much ofthe churches resources are spent on a building, not mission. The tabernacle was the tent of God, and not a place set in stone. Where the cloud of God, or the fire of God rested the people went there. I am amazed at how we humans have the audacity to think that God should exclusively come to where we are, rather than us following after where God is. Far too frequently, I like to call the shots in my faith journey, and that is a very backwards formula. My goal is to fashion a life where I respond to the call of God. A life where I only move when God moves, and remain where God remains.

Along with my facination of the idea of tabernacle is the dedication of the tent of God in the end of Exodus. The building of the tablernacle was a significant time of obedience for the people of Israel. In the misdst of their journey from Egypt to the promised land there are not many moments of shining obedience, the tabernacle construction is one of them. Moses and all the people follow God's commands exactly, and in the end they are allowed to see the glory of God. As Moses lead the people in worship dedicating the tabernacle, and Aaron with his family as preists, the glory of the Lord fell on the tabernacle in the form of a cloud. In fact the cloud was so think that Moses and the people could not be in the tabernacle. i wonder if it is time for the cloud of God to drive us out of our house of worship, and into radical obedience with him.

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Pastor Bill said...

Hi Aaron,
I have also always been impressed and curious about the tabernacle. The link below will take you to a really neat artists interpretation of what that may have looked like.


I can almost feel the glory when I meditate on this picture.