Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poor Representatives of The Truth

I have noticed that there are more and questions about God surfacing in our world. Actually I am not sure there are more, I am becoming more and more aware of the questions, and having a few of my own. Along with noticing the questions I have found myself at a deficit in answers. I have always thought as a pastor I was suppose to have the answers, so I learned many of the standard answers. additionally I learned to say them with great conviction and rudeness, hoping to reduce arguments. I have now reached a point of realizing that the questions of our faith are not questions which come with standard answers, and often the standard answers need to be challenged. The result of sticking with the standard answers is a church that cannot think in increasing numbers. These churches are producing individuals who are not able to think and examine critical issues. This has brought us to the point in our journey where Truth has taken a real hit because we, the church, have been poor representatives of the truth. I want to be clear, Truth, absolute truth, exists, however, there is not a single earth originated person who holds all of this truth. What this means is that we all need to approach discussions of truth with an appropriate measure of humility, understanding and willingness to journey with all people and God. I wonder what would happen if we spent less time trying to assert truth, and more time letting the God of Truth be revealed to us as we listen to and ask questions of each other?