Monday, November 5, 2007

Time For Action

Recently here in the city of Cortland where I live there have been some lively editorials concerning Christianity in the newspaper. Now at least one of the articles uses a questionable process of selecting biblical texts, and not using the fullness of a text. I expected better scholarship from some one who is a college professor, but that is not the point. The point is that both of the articles pointed to the same thing, Christianity is under attack, and I think it should be. However, letters to the editor, sermons, even blogs are not going to engage the battle on the best level possible. The only way to begin to answer the critics is to let religion and Christianity die, and to embrace what Erwin McManus dubbed the Barbarian way. We should be living a dangerous life, filled with risk and uncertainty. Institutions, religion, and tradition have never and will never bring the fullness of the kingdom of God. Only when individuals choose to live a more primal life, and those individuals band together to follow with all they are and all they have after God, as taught by Jesus Christ, then the Kingdom of heaven will be advanced. So what say you, are you just going to read this blog, possibly comment, and live your life the same? I hope not!

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