Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reflection From Africa

Finally I am going to write a little about my time in Africa. I was excited about going and learning about the church in Africa, and worried that I might teach some of the bad habits of the American church unknowingly. Once I got to Africa I found a people who were for the most part still primal in their faith. The people of the church in Africa are some of the most committed people I have come across. Their devotion to the work God has called them, and their commitment to serve God with all their heart soul and mind was humbling. I could see signs of the American church creeping into the church in Africa, and it saddened me. I pray that is there is any transfer of learning it is that we in America re-learn what the African church seems to have not lost. My we have vitality, passion and reliance on God through the Holy Spirit like those I encountered in Africa.

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Alan said...

The men and women of Uganda are primal in their faith. We are importing some prosperity gospel and other TV and radio teachings that do not stand the test of Scripture, Tradition, Experience and Reason. But one of the reasons is that the African pastors are given these or they are sent them by well meaning people trying to help them. Would that they could be resourced by more reliable and relevant teaching and training. So how do we get great teaching into the hands of these pastors where they can use them? How can we put them onto the good stuff; wholesome, good strong discipleship materials? Obviously going to teach there and sharing what we know are some good starts. Supporting seminary training in context is the wisest and most cost effective way of countering the bad US exports.