Monday, July 7, 2008

Complete With A Bow On Top

I find the more questions I ask, the more questions I have than answers. For a long time this really bothered me. I am a big fan of having clear cut and definite answers. I am learning to be more comfortable with mystery and uncertainty. It is completely possible that I do not know the whole story and I do not have complete understanding.

What would happen if we stooped looking for nice neat answers, complete with a bow on top, and began truly seeking after God? Instead of reading the scriptures to prove our point, read the scriptures to learn God's point. Do we remember the Bible was never intended to be a scientific document of proof to beat people up with? The Bible is a companion for the journey. It is our guidebook, our map.

Our scriptures are intended to prove who God is, or even prove the existence of God. It is simply given that there is God. What our scriptures point to, which is really the point, is the live giving relationship God longs to have with us. There are parts of the book I do not understand. There are parts that I struggle to see how God is cultivating relationship. And I am learning to live with that mystery a little better each day.

I do not think we live in a world that is looking to have all the answers. I do not think we live in a world that needs to have everything in nice neat packages, complete with a bow on top. I do think we live in world that is hungry to be on a quest to experience relationship like never before. The relationship God longs to give us, if we will allow the opportunity, questions and mystery in all.

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