Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lessons From a Moose

Over the past few days I have been involved with the hunt for the great moose. Being in Maine, I thought it would be a rather easy and quick hunt. All I can say is... wrong. It took great effort and persistence. We drove for miles, we searched the shorelines, we waiting while the bugs were on full attack and, nothing. Then when we had all but admitted defeat, in the dim light of twilight, there is was. Then as we drove home, in the dark, there is was again and again.

There have been times when my spiritual quest has been parallel with my moose quest. There has been a great search and great effort only to feel like I came up empty. I have been on the verge of giving up on this whole God thing. And wham there is God in full glory. Then while traveling on a road new to me, and the fog all around, God continues to show up.

Why is it God seems so elusive? Could it be that God is right there and I keep missing Him? I shutter to think the number of moose I went right by every day or while on the intentional quest. I wonder how often God is right there and I am moving too fast, or looking for the wrong thing. Or even worse, I just am not looking for God in ways and places which involve only my understanding.

So much to learn from the moose/

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Alan said...

good stuff .... except the bugs. Keep on noticing what God is showing you. Thanks for working on whatever the mission is (looks like building or fixing something) and thanks for working on you, the man on a mission.