Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are We Hanging Up On God?

One of the great challenges of our Journey with God is being in conversation with God. More specifically the part about hearing form God. Most of us struggle with hearing God or think that hearing God is reserved for a select few. Left unchecked we can begin to make the assumption that God is not in the business of speaking with humanity anymore.

Classically there have been people who say that God is always speaking, only we are not always listening. Could it be the challenge is far more profound than we can imagine. Not for one moment do I question or wonder is God is still speaking. I do not think it is even a matter of our listening or hearing. No, I wonder if we have not hung up the phone.

We call God and present our needs, wants, hopes and desires. Then we hang up. To further our audacity of hanging up on God, we turn around and claim that God is not speaking. It is time for us to stay on the line. Not just listening for God, not just listening to God for the answers we want. Rather, listening for God on God’s terms.

I wonder if we were to stay on the line with God, if we would hear from God on a moment to moment basis.

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