Saturday, October 18, 2008


As I sit and tap away at the keyboard I am challenged by the thought of boldness. Reading through the book of Acts we find the accounts of the early Christians living out the life God had given them. I keep looking for the message which allows me to feel more comfortable. Each account I look for words like kind of, or almost, but they are not there. I realize we are not given a moment by moment account of what took place, yet timidity did not seem to be a part of the equation.

How often do I live a kinda-sorta, almost kind of faith? I confess that all too often I exchange boldness for personal comfort. Boldness does not always mean hostile confrontation, nor does it mean always getting in someones face. It could mean being like Phillip and interpreting Isaiah for the eunuch. I could mean being like Barnabas and presenting Saul to the Apostles. It could mean not engaging in a debate when God is not the center of concern.

Boldness comes in many forms, and is in short supply. Timidity and cowardice are abundant, and more comfortable. I believe it was written, we are not given a spirit of timidity... May we all return to a God centered boldness.

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