Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In What Do You Trust?

It seems everyone has the economy on their minds lately. It is completely understandable. Pensions are shrinking, and daily living in radically changing. Before this is said and done every aspect of life, and every person will be impacted by the events unfolding. As I have been watching and listening, the overwhelming thought coming to my mind is, who do you trust?

I do not have large sums of money tied to the stock market, but I do need to function day to day and take care of my family. I enjoy the privilege of being able to feed my family, give them a place to live, and do some special activities from time to time. I know that some of these regular activities are going to be impacted by our economy, but is there really cause for all the panic? The panic and fear sweeping across the airwaves and country seem to highlight a truth I have long held. Americans trust in their finances and stuff more than they trust in God. Don't miss the irony of our money saying in God we trust.

If our lives are defined by our checkbook and stock portfolio then these are times of great fear. If our lives are defined by a deep and abiding connection with God, then we can find peace and rest while others panic. I might one of the few who think the shattering of our economy could be a good thing. It might be just the thing to move us from self-reliance to reliance on God. I often feel so trapped by the finances of my life, and that is because I have spent time chasing the wrong dream and wrong values. There are plenty of times when those values and dreams resurface. Still, more often I am able to remember that God is the most important thing in my life.

The stock market can crash, and the money in my pocket can disappear or have no value. One thing will remain, I am a child of God, and my Father in heaven is watching over me, and will care for my needs. The question is not will I make it through, that was never in question. The question is will I abide in God through Jesus Christ?

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