Saturday, October 11, 2008

Resisting Retreat

As I look at the CNBC website I see that the financial markets continue their downward trek. Honestly I did not need to look at the website to know that. I did not even need to turn the TV on. All I needed to do was pay attention to the conversations around me. It seems that many people are greatly concerned about the state of our economy. I understand why so many are concerned, but I must say that I am not. It could be just me being naive, it could be me just being flat out clueless, but I just do not see the need to let panic set in.

A secondary issue is beginning to set in with regard to our economy which is of greater concern to me than the stock market. It seems as though many are in retreat mode. Holding tight to what we have, and not wanting to risk being without. This kind of thinking only serves one purpose, to further the economic slowdown. When people stop spending money, investing money, taking chances, the slow market comes to a near stand still. This is a time to resist retreating, and go on the advance.

This is especially important for the church. Contrary to common thought it does not matter what is happening to the world economy for the church. The church will be resourced for all it needs, not by an earthly checkbook, but the accounts of heaven. The financial waters of the church may look uncertain, but at are we people of faith or not? This is not a call to be foolish, but it is a call to advance for the sake of the Kingdom of God. It will get scary, there will be times when it seems we have run out of resources, but do we believe God to be God, or do we think our help is needed in having God understand the realities of our world. You know the one which God created, is redeeming and sustains.

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