Monday, October 20, 2008

Venting on Issues

This fall seems to be full of really challenging and interesting happenings. There is the presidential race. How anyone could think that one individual has the capacity to "fix" what is broken in our country is beyond me. If we are going to talk about the failings of a president we have to talk about the work of the congress. Not many are reporting that the approval rating for congress has been below 15% from Jan 1 to the end of August according to a Rasmussen Report. But we thing that a new president, whoever that would be will fix the problem.

The economy is on the minds of most. Again we expect a government to fix the problem. I might add a government which operates at a nearly trillion dollar debt annually. Once again a deeply consumerist solution is being waged, throw money at it, even if it is money we don't have. Isn't that how we got to this place. Many do not want to look at some real solutions, like changing their lifestyles, or living with in our means.

It seems that those are the two issues which dominate our airwaves. There are always things like, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, and other hot spots in our world. There are the issues on energy consumption and our treatment of the environment. In the midst of all these challenges there are many voices crying out with answers, who do we listen to?

Some have offered religious answers, most of those sound nice but are empty. In fact even the religious answers leave God out of the equation. Sure prayer is important and we should all be praying more than we do. Reading our Bibles is important. However, the importance of prayer and scripture reading is lost if we fail to implement the results of our time spent in our daily life. Whether it is the government, or the church, right down to each individual the answer to many of the issues we face is not the president, not the right pastor, it is not the right God. It is the willingness of humanity to look at their lives and make the changes necessary for the health and well-being of all earth's citizens not just ourselves.

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