Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hands of God

Yesterday morning I enjoyed the sun's appearance above the eastern horizon at Casowasco Camp and Conference Center. I was sitting next to Owasco Lake reading my scriptures and talking with God. One of the members of my church Debbie said it best, it seems as though the connection with God is very strong early in the morning. I wonder if that is because we have not had much time to confuse the issue yet.

Anyway, as I sat there praying I began to place the concerns of my heart in the hands of God. This is nothing new and a regular practice of mine. In the midst of this process I had a realization. These things were already in God's hands. Every portion of my life and being is in the hands of God, even if I do not recognize it. I have often used the phrase of placing something in God's hands as an act of surrender, and it is. I wonder however, if there is a next step?

It is one thing to place our whole being in the hands of God, it is another thing all together to be prepared for what God will do with it. I have some ministry hopes and desires, which are not something I am making real public. The only way for me to reach these ministry opportunities is through the action of other people. I placed that in God's hands yesterday. I went one step further. I asked God to help me be prepared for whatever it is that God is going to do with my hope and my life.

When we place our life in God's hands, we must be ready to be and do who God shapes us to be. If it is truly and act of surrender, our only decision left is obedience.

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