Thursday, October 9, 2008

For or Against

If Jesus were to physically walk in the earth right now, would we be for or against him? The quick and religiously appropriate answer is yes. I wonder though if we in the church might be found in the same category as the Pharisees? It is easy to thing we have it all figured out, and can boil it down to a few phrases and actions. Yet, I am not always convinced we would be found on the side of Jesus.

To get more personal, one of my greatest fears is that I would be in the mob at the Garden to arrest Jesus and take him to his death, not one of the disciples with the sword in hand ready to defend my king. This is not something I am proud of, yet it is the battle I think we all face. For most of my life I have been connected to the religious system of the church, and for some of my life I have found a way to follow Jesus in spite of the church. There is still a gnawing fear that if I am not careful and cautious, I can become a new breed of Pharisee.

So what is a person to do? There are many options, some better than others. I could just give up. Not a good option. I could just press on without a concern for what I am becoming. Honestly an attractive option as it on the outside is the easiest. Or I could press ahead with constant vigilance and examination of my life. While I am convinced this is the proper course, it is not the most attractive road, and it is by far the most uncomfortable and difficult. Still, it is nothing less than what the one who calls me His own expects of me. I do not walk this road alone, I know there are others who walk this road.

Thanks Sarah, Bill, BJ and Alan for walking this road with me. I must drive you all nuts most of the time, yet you love me and walk with me. Most important if I am becoming a new breed of Pharisee, you all will do what it takes to bring me back to the First Love of my King.

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