Monday, April 28, 2008

Dream Away

Dreams are funny things. When we dream we do not always remember what the dreams were about. it has been suggested by those smarter than I in the would of psychology that we all dream every time we reach a deep sleep. the difference is whether we remember the dreams. The dreams we have for our life can function the same way. I think we all have hopes and dreams for our lives. Over time people push aways those dreams, even to the point where they cannot even remember what it means to have a dream.

There are times when the situations and circumstances of our lives impact our dreams greatly. Perhaps we feel like we are close to realizing our dream and then it seems God throws in a curve ball. At that moment we are faces with the further delay of our dreams. Another possible delay is when we need training, discipleship and experience to accomplish our dreams. The challenges we face today are the developmental phases of the dream God has placed in our hearts.

What dreams has God given me?
There are many, the include my roles as husband and father. I will, however, list two major dreams that I feel like God is preparing me daily for. First, as mentioned in other entries, I have a God dreams of planting a new church. Everyday God is teaching me about ministry and His Kingdom. Preparing me for the day when the door will fling wide open for the dream to be realized. The second God dream is to be a full-time teacher of pastors. I am not sure if this is in a seminary role, a consulting role, or what role it is. I do know that I love to teach, and there is an energy and passion I feel when I am teaching. Several times God has encouraged me through other people in this dream as well.

All of us who have dreams we still hold on to have to protect those dreams with all our might. Satan will work to steal or freeze the dreams, but we must remain connected with the dream-giver. Other people can unknowingly steal away out dreams, we must guard them.

For those who do not feel the have a dream, seek God, fore there is a dream for you.

For all of us, test our dreams to make sure they are God's dreams placed in you, not your dreams.

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