Saturday, April 26, 2008

When I Feel Like It

Today I am not necessarily working directly from one of the questions presented in the book One Month To Live instead I am working from some thoughts there. To do this I am going to ask a question.

Do I function on a want to basis?
Meaning do I only do things when I want to do them, or when I feel like it? All of us need to visit the confessional on this one I think. There are times when when we wait until we want to or feel like doing something. This is not only with things we don't like to do. We read our scriptures when we feel like it, we serve God when we feel like it, or we go to church when we feel like it.

Coupled with feeling like it is convenience. The things that we do when we feel like it often happens when it is convenient for our lives. I have found when I am not living intentionally my whole life becomes about my personal convenience. I feel like doing many things based on whether it fits into my schedule, or I am willing to put my time there. What would my day look like if I remains so connected to God that all I wanted to do is what God put in my path, convenient or not?

In a me saturated world it is easy to lose sight of the fact that our lives are no our own. Our lives are a concert of activities, emotions and relationships, but God os the master composer and conductor

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