Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fear and Security

I find that the desire to have security and the feeling of fear often are found together. In fact I guess I would say all fear is rooted in our lossing security. When something, someone, or a circumstance threatens our secuity, or or life on our terms, fear enters the picture. This fear and security realationship has a great potential to hold us back from the greatness God has laid out for us. Now I want to be clear about this greatness business. It is not a greatness so that our name would be made great, or that everyone would look at the individual. Not at all, it is so that all might see the greatness of God, by what has been done with a fallen broken human being.

What area(s) of life are you holding tightly to security?
For me I would have to say that it is musically. I have little to no cofidence in my musical abilities, yet God seems to keep putting me in places to use them. The hardest part is I do not feel like I have that much ability. I don't even know where any of the ability comes from. I guess that is not true, God gives me any musical abilities I have. Yet I am so reluctant to share them with other people. I only do it in ways that are safe and controlled. I am holding so tight to this, I am not even sure what it would look like to let go at this point.

There is the old cliche to let go and let God. In some ways this drives me nuts, in other ways I think it is very informative. The part that drives me nuts is that it hints that once we let go we have no responsibility in the matter. We might not have control but we have responsibility. We still have to follow God, and be obedient to the leading of God. The informative part is that we are not in control. We care called to allow God to direct our steps, not ask God to bless the steps we are taking. That is to say we are to be following God not getting God to decide to partner with what we are doing.

For me most of my life decisions come down to the question of fear and security. Which really means it is a matter of trust. Do I trust God to catch me?... Do You?

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