Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Preferred Role

As I continue my trek through Judges I keep coming across the phrase, "Israel had no king in those days, and everyone did what they thought was right in their own eyes." I have a few thoughts right off the bat, first why not get a king? Then I remember that God is suppose to be their king, not a earthly king. My next thought is why don't the people ever learn. Then I think, why don't I ever learn. The following thought is, I would do things differently if I were there. I think we can all see the problem with that line of thought.

Upon further reflection, I find it comes down to an understanding of roles. What is the preferred role we like to have God play in our lives. More specifically, what role do we prefer Jesus to play. Jesus fulfilled many roles and actions, they are all boiled down to Savior and Lord, or if you like, Forgiver and Leader. The Savior role is the one that most of us identify with very readily. In this role Jesus takes our sins and pays our debt on the cross. The role of forgiver is my favorite understanding of Jesus.

Then there is the other key role, Lord or Leader. This role is more problematic because it means that I am not in charge. It means that I cannot do what ever I see fit in my own eyes. It means that even though I do not have an earthly king, I do have someone who is ruler over my life. Even typing those words is difficult because I do not want to have anyone ruling over me. I have had a long standing, and genetically reinforced issue with authority. Actually, it is not an issue with authority, I just want to rebel against it. Still there is Jesus wanting to not only be my Savior, but longing to be my Lord and Leader.

In reality, even when i don't think I have a king, I have a King. And when I think I can do whatever I see fit in my own eyes, I have to answer to my King. The amazing thing about my King is that I can go my own way, and He will let me, but I will have to answer for my choices.

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