Friday, April 25, 2008

Whose Power

Today the author's of One Month To Live went from teaching to really messing with me. So far the answers to the questions have come easily and with a relatively low level of pain. today that changed.

What area in your life are you struggling most to change?
While I am always struggling to walk close with God, I would have to answer this question by identifying weight loss and getting physically fit. It seems that I have a pretty drastic problem, I like the taste of food more and I seem to have an ability to eat a lot of it before I feel full. Over the years I have tried many things, diets, programs, dysfunctional exercise programs, you name it. Still I struggle.

The authors challenge and say the problem is not directly my diet, but my connection with God. Now those are fighting words. I work hard at staying connected with God. I read my Scriptures, I pray, I do acts of service, and I read other books that push me. The question is, do I seek to draw near to God in all areas of my life? I have tried in my own ability to accomplish my physical goals, but have I really turned to God and asked for ultimate power? My will power produces short term results which are often lost, the power God offers begins to transform my life. that power produces a lasting difference, not only in my diet and exercise, but in my total relationship with God.

I wonder where else in my life I am holding back from God's power?

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