Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get The Word Out

Once again I am working my way through the 8 steps of change as outlined by John P. Kotter in his book, Leading Change. Today's portion is about communicating the vision. The previous step was to create, or identify the vision, and develop a plan to reach that vision. The first implementation step is to let others know what the vision is. This is a very practical, yet often poorly done, step. There is no value in having a vision and a plan if there is not communication regarding it.

Organizationally this means saturating your organization with the vision and plan. This will mean print media to water cooler conversation, e-mail to spoken word. Taking the lead on this communication is the guiding coalition, or you team of people who are instigating the changes. If you and this team do not embody the vision and plan, that will communicate louder than anything else. Often we see this process done on television for the larger companies, smaller organizations will need to be more creative on a smaller budget.

On the personal road to transformation, we need to communicate the vision and plan as well. This gets into the area of accountability. When we communicate the vision and plan to other people, they will ask how we are doing with the vision and plan. We will need to answer them and ourselves. I would like to think I could make all the needed changes in my life without others holding me accountable, but I cannot. I need other people in the journey, and I would guess I am not alone in that. Now with our personal vision and plan, we might not want to get t-shirts printed, or pay for a TV spot, yet we must communicate to others our intentions to reach a preferred future.

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