Monday, September 22, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Many might be familiar with the saying that practice makes perfect. When we think about things such as sports or music this thought comes easy. How about with our faith journey. Are we willing to put int the practice time, or would we rather spend some time in church, go to a few studies and call it good. Our reactions to difficult times often reveals our commitment level to practicing our faith.

When hard or difficult times cause us to function in questionably biblical ways, are we showing evidence that we have been practicing our faith, or simply going through the motions? I continue to read the book Amish Grace and I am struck by the profound display of forgiveness conducted by the Amish. Their display of forgiveness is not mindless or easy. Still, it is offered because of the deep practice of their relationship with God. Many have, and it is understandable, seen incredible acts of forgiveness to be empty, or a simple religious exercise with no actuality behind it. Could a perception of empty religion be more of an indictment of you and I than of the people we are levying the charge against.

There are plenty of times when it seem impossible to find a person, let alone a group of people, who so authentically live out their beliefs. Ah, and there is the conviction. I long to live in such a way that people are taken back by the authentic ways my life claims match my actual life. Whether it is forgiveness, or any other command of God, my life would be marked by a faith journey so authentic that Aaron is no longer seen, only God.

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