Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Wondering

Before I get too far into this entry I need to let you know that communitarianism is not an original term. I did a Google search and found there to be an entire group of people from regular people like me to scholars and policymakers who have formed a actual organization around communitarianism. Who knew? Anyway I want to take some time today to wonder.

I wonder what would happen if the church in America began to focus on the things that really matter. I have recently spent a lot of time in discussions about the rapture and the millennial debate. I have decided these are pretty useless conversations. Why? Because they do not really matter, what really matters is that at some point Jesus will return, if that is today, tomorrow or whenever it is, I had better be living in a what that I am ready. So what does that mean for the church, in particular in America?

When I read the pages of my Bible I read about a Jesus who showed preferential treatment to the poor and the outcast. I read about a Jesus who challenged the established religious communities. I read about a God who calls us to tailor our lifestyles to like God and not tailor our God to fit our lifestyles. I am amazed by how often I make God in my image instead of realizing it was God who made me in His image. This whole lifestyle thing is not easy and in the Western world it is even more difficult because most of us, myself included, believe the lies of society.

I wonder what would happen if Christ Followers began to adapt their lifestyle to reflect the lifestyle God longs for us to have. One where we lived within our means. Where we lived lives of sustainability. What would happen in our world if Christ Followers lived debt free, serving the poor, caring for the widows and orphans, living together in radical Biblical community and put God before all else. What might happen to our world if we were to live in close connection with God?

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