Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Fabric

What would our lives look like if forgiveness was the primary thread to the fabric of our lives? For as long as there has been Christian teaching forgiveness have been at the root of that teaching. We are to forgive others, just as, or so that, through Christ God can forgive us. I am left to wonder if forgiveness has become a action to be pulled out of the closet when it is needed. Better yet, it is one of the bladed on our Swiss Army knife of faith. What would happen if forgiveness was simply the way we lived.

How different would our world be if we were ruled by forgiveness? Usually we are people that function in the world of restitution and revenge not forgiveness. If someone does wrong to me, I deserve the right to pay them back in kind is the common thought. What about as a nation? How many lives could have been spared if forgiveness was the lead thread in the fabric of our lives?

I am left with quite a conundrum, it has never made sense to me that take another life would make up for a life taken, at the same time I feel this deep sense of wanting something in return, or calling it what it is, entitlement. And there we have it, the great barrier to forgiveness, entitlement. It is difficult for us to live as people of forgiveness, because we feel like we deserve something more in return. Additionally, it is hard for us to live as truly forgiven people because we all too often feel like we are entitled to be forgiven.

Oh how much I have to learn about forgiveness. How much I have to learn about denying myself. Lord God help me to make forgiveness the lead fabric of my life.

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