Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keep on Rolling

We are continuing our brief run through the 8 stages or steps of change as outlined by John Kotter in his book Leading Change. At this point of development change is happening at a good rate with in your life or organization. This is not the time to sit back and enjoy it all. This is when the small successes are collected together to point to larger changes. At this point there is enough credibility added up that initiating change is a little easier than in the beginning of the process. Now is the time to make the major changes which will ultimately create a new culture.

This is the point where good organizations become great, and individuals move toward greatness in their lives. In an organization major changes such as personnel, styles and core purpose can be addressed at this point. for the individual there has been enough success in developing change in your life, that new opportunities and experiences seem logical and normal.

At this point of making change there is a focus on cementing the change culture in to the organization or life. Making all the necessary changes, major or minor at this point, to ensure the culture shift will hold. It is important at this place of development to not cement the new ideas and changes, rather the culture of change. Where an organization or individual is today is not the place they should be tomorrow. Our lives and organizations should be organic, and constantly changing and adapting what the next opportunity is.

For those who are following Jesus Christ, this culture of change requires a deep connection with God. As we are more successful with change a great danger arises, we can think it was our ability. God is the one who is in charge of the changes which need to be made. Our change culture is a one where we stay deeply connected with God (Abide) and respond to the lead of God with obedience.

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