Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Win Baby!

It seems like common sense when the challenge is large. If you want to climb Mount Everest you do not simply spend a week on the treadmill and then go for it. There needs to be a series of victories which get you to the top of the world.

When trying to change going for the big win out of the gate without creating a foundation of wins is going to be difficult. It is important to create successful situation which other people can see. Not a grand and wholesale change, something simple and small. Chaining a series of these successful situation will create an atmosphere where change becomes normative. Can you imagine an organization or a life where change is the norm? Along the way the small successes need to celebrated. Now the celebration should be in proportion to the success. If you lose the first 5 pounds of the 85 you need to lose, there needs to be a party, but not on the scale of when you lose all 85, watch the snacks at the party all the work could be undone.

When we as individuals and organizations begin to reward success and change the culture of our lives and organizations change. However, we must create or build the wins in steps. Getting real practical here. If you want to read more, say your Bible, don't carve out a hour the first day to do this. Start with five minutes, once you have that victory for a few weeks, grow it to ten, then twenty, and so on.

Small success, or wins, leads to bigger success. There is something that needs to be added. Change is a continual process. There is always another success to be gained. It is easy to have this be about making money, or building successful organizations. The real challenge worth gaining success in is the person you are becoming through the change. Are you becoming more and more self, or me driven? Or are you connecting more and more with God?

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