Monday, June 16, 2008


For most of my faith journey I have been instructed and molded to approach God in a certain way. I have always been taught to approach God with great humility. When we are addressing the creator of the universe, we want to recognize the greatness of God and our relative smallness. It is in fact important to approach God in a way that shows we remember the relationship between us and God. We must remember that God is God and we are not.

At the same time as I read through the scriptures, especially the Old Testament, I find the people who are walking most closely with God are often much more bold with God than I am comfortable. The recorded conversations with God leave me thinking, "You can't talk to God that way!" At least if you talk to God that way there is now way that God will respond. Yet, over and over it seems that God responds, and favorably, to the bold request.

Could it be that you and I are too passive in our conversations with God? Perhaps it is time to have a conversation with God where we cut out all the fluffy, religious language and lay bare our souls. Perhaps it is time to put away the prayers of Pharisees and re-capture the prayers of the prophets. It just might be time for the followers of Christ to get bold. Remembering always that our boldness should never cause us to think we are God. There is only One God, and we are not that God.

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