Sunday, June 22, 2008

If It Isn't Broken

As I make final preparations for the Sunday ministry day I continue to be overwhelmed by a thought which came to me during prayer last night. "If it isn't broken, then break us." Now I have to say I was not really excited to get this message. I am not a real big fan of being broken, whether it is physically or spiritually. But I think that being broken spiritually is the key to drawing near to God.

In reality it is not a matter of being broken, it is a matter of realizing that we are broken, and that we have broken our relationship with God. In all reality we must be broken further to fix what is already broken. All of a sudden I feel like Yogi Berra.

I guess I will keep this short, because actions are more needed than words. We must place our confidence in God, not in ourselves. We need to draw near to God, we need a broken and contrite heart. Pray to the Lord our God that He would break us.

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