Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confronted By God

This morning as I read and prayed I kept feeling the same thing. The first few times I shrugged it off. As the feeling persisted, I realized that God was getting my attention. There was something God wanted to show me about my life. Whenever this happens I have two responses, first I am excited because God is ready to reveal more truth to me. Second, I get an uneasy feeling because I know I am about to be convicted about something.

So what did God show me this morning. That I have a grumbling heart. Lately I have found my mouth and mind filled with judgment more than praise, with critique more than celebration. It is not bad in and of itself for me to be making assessments about the different areas of my life. What is bad is when the grumbling begins to rule my thoughts. So what am I going to do about it.

Step one take an honest look at the situations I am grumbling about. Is what I am feeling a holy grumbling, or is it pride?

Step two, repent of pride, or any other sinful action or thoughts

Step three, change whatever needs to be changed

Step four, phone or get our of the booth. Work to bring about change in you life, and the situation, and stop grumbling.

I guess that is what it really comes to. Those who sit around and complain, but take no action are not helping anybody or thing. Those who seek to change what needs to be changed, without grumbling or complaining, are in a position to be used by God.

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Dr. B.J. Norrix said...

Hi Brother:

Amen, time to stop whining and get our hearts right with God!