Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unexamined and Untested

If find it amazing the number of times I realize that my faith has been unexamined and untested. There are certain beliefs which are carried from teachings of my past, which are not examined to the depth they should. I guess I was still functioning in the because I said so journey of faith. The trouble I am having now is coming to terms with the narrow nature, or sometimes flat out wrong conclusions of some of these beliefs. If I believe God to be the Originator of all truth, which I believe, and if i believe that there is an 'ultimate' truth or reality, which I believe, then what is the big deal with examination and testing of our faith.

An unexamined faith has many problems with it. One is we believe things which may not be sound Biblical understanding. Two, we trust more in the words of people than what God has given to us. Third, we participate in some of the great atrocities of human making , which have been justified with godly language.

I think it is time we started asking more questions. It is time we started to examine and test our faith understandings. The end result, if we are faithful to the process, will result not in our giving up on God, but on our finding God in deeper ways and places.

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Heidi said...

So very true. Many of us never move beyond a faith that is built on what we were taught, to one where we learn ourselves from God's Word. Not that the first is bad, IF have been taught the truth, but how much richer to live in faith that has truly been made our own.